Past Lectures

Year Topic
1960 Estate Planning
1961 Income Tax
1962 Preparation for Trial and Court Procedure
1963 Commercial Contracts
1964 Estate Practice, Wills and Trusts
1965 Company Law
1966 Commercial Insurance
1967 The Law of Land Development
1968 Federal Affairs
1969 The Law Catches Up: Recent Legislative Changes
1970 The Law and The Minor
1971 Administrative Practice and Procedure
1972 The Income Tax Reform Act
1973 Advising The Small Business Man
1974 Symposium on Commercial Law
1975 Corporation Law – Today and Tomorrow
1976 The Law Evolves (not published)
1977 Labour and Employment Law
1978 Commercial and Competition Law
1979 Family Law and Practice
1980 Municipal Planning and Expropriation Law and Practice
1981 Advocacy
1982 Insurance Law
1983 Rights and Remedies
1984 The Family Division of the Court of Queen’s Bench
1985 Real Estate Practice for the Mid-Eighties
1986 Alternative Dispute Resolution
1987 Evidence
1988-89 Recent Developments in the Law of Contract and Tort
1990 Public Interest v. Private Rights: Striking the Balance in Administrative Law
1991 Recent Developments in the Law of Damages
1992 Environmental Law Practice: The Challenge for the ’90’s
1993 Fiduciary Duties/Conflicts of Interest
1994 Current Issues in Health Law
1995 Information Technology and the Law
1996 The Expanding Frontiers of Liability and Responsibility
1997 Dispute Resolution: Systems in Transition
1998 Technology: Responding to the Legal Challenges
1999 Business Law & Litigation: Trend-Spotting for the 21st Century
2000 Competence and Capacity: New Directions
2001 Practising Law in an Aboriginal Reality
2002 The Charter: Twenty Years and Beyond
2003 Elder Law: Issues for an Aging Population
2004 Privacy – Another Snail in the Ginger Beer
2005 Going Global: Advising Clients Doing Business Beyond Borders
2006 Appellate Courts: Policy, Law and Practice
2007 Today’s Workplace: A Toolkit for Every Lawyer
2008 Legal Issues in a Greener World
2009 Practising Law in the 21st Century: Evolution or Revolution
2010 Remedies – From Dollars to Sense?
2011 Back from the Brink: Insolvency in the New Era
2012 Legal Boundaries in a Global World
2013 Human Rights: Challenges and Achievements
2014 Accessing Justice: Beyond Barriers
2015 Blackacre to BlackBerry: Redefining Property and Ownership
2016 Pimohtéwin tati‎ mínowastánowahk (Journey to Reconciliation): Lawyers Called to Action
2017 #140Down – Now What? – The Future of Lawyering is Here
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