Program Outline

Fairness in Virtual Courtrooms

Professor David Tait, Professor Neal Feigenson

Effective and Respectful Communication in the Courtroom

Kate Trotter

Impact of Virtual Advocacy; Rights across the Spectrum

Blair Graham Q.C., Saul Simmonds Q.C., Rekha Malaviya

One-judge Model and Summary Procedures

Associate Chief Justice Shane Perlmutter, Robert Tapper, Q.C., Lawrence Pinsky, Dr. Gerard Kennedy

Advocacy Fundamentals – Written Advocacy

Justice John Laskin

Advocacy Fundamentals – Oral Advocacy

Chief Justice Richard Chartier, Bill Gange, Sarah Inness

Advocacy Ethics

The Honourable Richard Scott, O.M. Q.C., Lynda Troup

Administrative Law Post-Vavilov

Professor Gerald Heckman, Irene Hamilton, Q.C., Bill Haight, Michael Conner

Virtual Courtrooms and Remote Advocacy

Chief Justice Richard Chartier, Chief Justice Glenn Joyal, Chief Judge Margaret Wiebe

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