Local Entrepreneurs & Professionals


Bryce North, Co-Founder, CEO, Advolve Media


Bryce North has 5 years experience in building tech start-ups, specifically in the marketing/advertising industry. Prior to
Advolve Media, Bryce successfully launched two other start-up companies while helping consult others. He has competed
with multiple ventures in many business plan and venture competitions, winning national and international awards for his
execution in technology and business strategy implementations. He is currently running 2 companies: Advolve Media and
Pitch Deck Me, which builds and designs seed round investment pitch presentations for startup companies while offering
them pitch coaching.

Bryce’s background also includes 10 years of sales and customer relations experience selling technology and related
services. He has vast knowledge in technical systems, basic programming, and integrated hardware systems. He has a
Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree from the University of Manitoba in both Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

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Mike Radcliffe, CPA, CA, CBV, MNP LLP


Mike is a Partner in the Winnipeg office of MNP with responsibility to deliver valuation and litigation support services within
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.  With well over 20 years of experience, Mike delivers valuations,
purchase price allocations, impairment testing, damage quantification, business interruption and financial due diligence
services to a diverse group of clients in a wide range of industries across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern
Ontario.  Mike’s experience has been gained through the delivery of services to everything from small owner/operator
businesses to large multi-national corporations in a vast number of industries. Mike is court qualified as an expert witness
for business and securities valuations by the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench and Saskatchewan Court of Queen's
Bench and quantification of damages by the Federal Court of Canada.

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Kerry Stevenson, Assent Works


A key focus for Kerry is the previously impossible idea of replicating physical objects, a reality in many homes
today. In 2007 Kerry created Fabbaloo (http://fabbaloo.com/), now one of the world's biggest blogs dedicated to
3D printing, which follows developments and implications of replication technology.

The holder of a Master's Degree in Computer Science, Kerry has worked in many technical and managerial
positions, including installing and repairing massive mainframe computers, managing software at an airline
reservation service and directing technology strategies as Chief Technology Officer at a major multinational
financial services company for over 17 years. Today's he's an entrepreneur working on a variety of startup projects,
including the roles of a Director of AssentWorks and Chief Technology Officer of Invenia, a machine learning
startup focusing on electricity markets.