The 2018 Pitblado Lectures

Reimagining Justice: Trust, Truths and Transformation(s)

Friday, November 2, 2018 

Fort Garry Place, Grand Ballroom

This year’s Pitblado Lectures will shine a spotlight on the topic of the administration of justice.

The Canadian justice system is rooted in the concept of fairness for all, yet in the wake of some recent high profile cases, many Canadians expressed a lack of trust in the system’s ability to deliver justice.

Public Needs

What does the public need or want from its justice system? Whose justice is it?

Bad Publicity?

Is the system working but it just needs a better P.R. agent?

The Media

What role do the media play in the public perception of justice?
Do they reflect or distort what really happens?

Transformative Change

What can or should lawyers, judges, and legal educators do about the administration of justice?

Join us on November 2, 2018 to hear local and national speakers examine these questions and talk about solutions.


Jointly presented by: The Manitoba Bar Association, The University of Manitoba Faculty of Law & The Law Society of Manitoba